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Some Photos From A Night Club Shoot 2014-09-06

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Nightclub Shoot

Night Club Shoot

More to come soon

A Quick Video From This Weekend

Well Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

The big photo shoot this weekend didn’t happen. Too many people started letting us know they had a change of plans so they had to cancel. It ended up not being worth the cost of setting it up to be worth doing. At least they were nice enough to let us know and I really appreciated that. But when some things don’t work out it opens the door for other things. So this weekend I finally got a chance to clean up the computer and finish some editing. Plus I finally had a chance to finish editing the first cut of a video for a client. So it wasn’t a total bust of a weekend, it actually was still very productive. here’s a sneak peek slide show of the video I’m working on.

Been Swamped With Work

I have a lot of things going on this month and the month is still not over. Already pushing people to do shoots in March cause I have no more room for them in Feb. It’s good to be busy but sometimes it’s just too crazy. Here’s a couple shots from the lastest nightclub shoot.



More Video I Helped Shoot Footage For

I’ll Be Posting Links to Some of the Videos I’ve Been Helping With

Here’s the first one of six. I didn’t do any of the editing but I helped capture the footage for some the video.


Jungle Love

The Jungle Love video I helped capture footage for.

Time To Catch Up and a Little Comment About the Canon Powershot G15

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few months that I haven’t been posting everything I’ve been doing on this blog. So I’ll be catching up with everything I’ve been working on and posting it here to my blog so you can all see what I’ve been doing.

This next set is from my Canon G15 I bought for Christmas. I needed to replace my much older G6. I was really at this event shooting video but when I had a chance I pulled out the G15 and took some shots. I started with the flash that was built-in but then my friend let me use his spare speedlight which was a good thing because the the one that came in the camera really wasn’t powerful enough. I’m still getting used to the camera but I do like it. I’m waiting for the external lens adapter to come in the mail so I can use my ring flash on it and see how that works out. One thing I did notice is that at it does have a bit of distortion at it’s widest view. That’s something I’ll have to remember.