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I’m just going to lay it on the line and tell it like it is. Because if we ever do work together you’ll find out what kind of person I am anyway, and there’s nothing people hate more than a bull-shitter.

So here goes. I’ve been shooting photos since my dad gave me my first film camera in high school. I still have that camera but have switched to digital. The switch comes from the fact that it costs too much for me to work in the film format. Digital, on the other hand, lets me experiment and not have to worry about the cost of film, developing and time wasted.

Digital also gives me the advantage of making sure I got the shot. With photo editing software I can now color, alter, and tweak the shot even more to my liking. Creating the photo in photo editing software is something I also really enjoy.

Other than a few community college courses I have no formal training in the art of photography. I’ve learned most of what I know from just going out and doing it, reading books and learning things on the internet. Lucky for me I have friends that don’t mind posing for me.

I’ve performed work as a paid professional for many years. Most of my paid work has been for my clients’ personnel use or for photo websites. I’ve also done several photo layouts for a fetish magazine. I really enjoy this type of work.

My main interest is glamour and fetish photography, but on occasions I also shoot editorial, events and cars.

I really enjoy photography and all the things done to create an image. One more thing, I work mainly with transgeneder women but I also work with pussy kats dolls from time to time.

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